Tea Base Owners

Tea Base Owners


Hannia Cheng

Known for their loud cackles that can be heard from down the street or dancing wherever the music is, Hannia Cheng can be seen having fun wherever she goes. She's organised over ten events in the last 2 years under the umbrella brand "Support Your Local Collective" she also produces/hosts a radio show under the same name abbreviated as "SYLC radio" . and has been active in multiple arts communities like performing poetry at WayHome music festival with Dead Poet, hosting the Urban Arts Throwdown Dance Competition, or singing at the Toronto Fringe Festival for their youth takeover.

Hannia is deeply interested in social practice; as a means of creating agency, building capacity, and connecting people to each other. Most recently, Hannia Cheng co-founded a DIY community art space in the basement of Chinatown Centre called @tea.base, where spends most of her time now.

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John Fidel Klarke Smith

John Smith co-founded and codirected 187 Augusta in Kensington Market, a community art, event rental and studio. In his tenure there, John facilitated space for more than 100 event programmers of various types including publication launches, art exhibitions, live music shows, open mics, pop-up shops, workshops, healing circles, and several event/exhibitions sponsored by granting bodies such as the TAC.

187 Augusta was founded in part by TAYO Collective, a multidisciplinary Filipinx youth arts collective that came out of Kapisanan’s CLUTCH & NAV 2016 programs. As TAYO Collective’s Programs Manager, John founded and launched 187 Augusta (2017) with Cathleen Calica, and SYLC Radio (2017 – Present) in collaboration with Regent Park Focus Media Centre with DJ / Director Martin Aquino and writer / co-host Pamela Dungao. As TAYO Collective member, John produced independent original works for two art shows Who’s Mxns? (2017) and TAYO (2016).

Michael Vu